Verico Complete Okanagan Mortgages

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Laurie Baird and Tracy Head of Verico-Complete Mortgage Services (Kelowna) are the mortgage professionals you need to talk to.

Today’s Best Deals:

10 Year Fixed Rate 3.74%
10 year fixed rate subject to qualification.

5 Year Variable Rate 2.46%
This rate is subject to income, credit and property qualification.

5 year Closed Rate 2.99%**
This is a fixed rate mortgage for 5 years. This rate is subject to qualification. Please call for details.  

Whatever your personal circumstances, Laurie Baird and Tracy Head will analyze your financial situation and recommend mortgage options that best suit your needs. Laurie and Tracy are the mortgage professionals that will help find the right mortgage solution for you.
Verico-Complete Mortgage Services (Kelowna) work primarily with home owners and buyers in the Okanagan and surrounding areas and we also provide mortgage services across Canada. Laurie Baird and Tracy Head have an extensive network of private and institutional lenders and can help you secure a great rate on your mortgage and flexible terms which will meet your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships based on integrity & professionalism. We help you effectively manage your mortgage. We continually work with you as your financial needs change. We will work with you on all aspects of mortgage financing: helping you find a new mortgage, transferring your mortgage to another home, and helping you find ways to pay down your mortgage quicker.

Complete Mortgage Services is a member of the Verico group - a well-established mortgage company that arranged over nine billion dollars in mortgages last year alone.

Call us today (250) 862-1806 to find out how we can make owning your home and managing your mortgage more affordable and worry-free! We provide complimentary consultations and offer advice and guidance to help you realize your goal of home ownership sooner.