Documentation Checklist

With the following information we can approve your mortgage more quickly:

Offer to purchase
Copy of the MLS listing
Signed Client Authorization
Verification of income
  • an employment letter on company letterhead stating position, length of time on the job & salary, and most recent paystub
  • for self employed 2 years of Income tax returns and 2 years of company statements
  • last two Notices of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency
Two pieces of valid ID

  • one piece must have photo
  • must not be expired
Verification of downpayment
  • gift letter and copy of deposit to account or account print out showing deposit
  • copy of receipt for deposit with realtor / builder
  • copy of sale agreement on current home
  • 3 months’ account history / bank statements
  • copy of RRSP or investment statement
Void cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit agreement for payment account

Mortgage refinances or switches:

Copy of fire insurance
Copy of current mortgage statement
Copy of mortgage renewal document
Copy of city tax notice
Copy of property assessment

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