Adopt My Mortgage

OMfamilyWas my intention just to lock in my mortgage and forget about it for 3, 5 or however long the term is?

Would I like to save my self thousands of dollars over the life of my mortgage?

Is my bank or current lender advising me on Prime rate changes, ways to save money etc?

If mortgage rates go up and you have simply locked in your mortgage and forgotten about it, you are going to face payment shock when your mortgage comes due in 2, 3 or 5 years. Let us help you manage your mortgage through the Inflationary Hedge

Mortgage Strategy which helps prepare you for higher mortgage rates in the future. The IHMS will also help you to save you thousands of dollars on your mortgage simply by either taking a variable rate mortgage and fixing your payments higher or by increasing your payments annually according to a formula.

With the Adopt My Mortgage program we will keep you informed of Bank of Canada Rate increases which affect the Prime rate and variable rates as well as other economic indicators which forecast increases in long term rates.

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Whatever your personal circumstances, Laurie Baird and Tracy Head will analyze your financial situation and recommend mortgage options that best suit your needs. Laurie and Tracy are the mortgage professionals that will help find the right mortgage solution for you.

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