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  Laurie Baird and  Tracy Head of Verico-Complete Mortgage Services (Kelowna) have over 50 years of combined  experience in the mortgage and financial services industry in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, and across Canada.


Laurie Baird and Tracy Head have  expertise in securing and managing mortgages for clients across Canada. They value integrity, honesty, and professionalism and demonstrate a sincere sense of caring for their clients.

With so many changes in the mortgage world, having a professional to help you navigate through the options is more important than ever.

Laurie and Tracy have a  network of private and non-traditional lenders giving them an inside edge to the Kelowna mortgage market. This means that almost every challenging mortgage situation has a possible solution. Their know-how and experience can save you time, money and effort in securing your mortgage in Kelowna and the Okanagan.

Laurie and Tracy’s  experience provides you with the alternatives you deserve for all your Kelowna mortgage needs.

Find out which type of mortgage works for you! Call your Okanagan and Kelowna Mortgage Brokers Laurie and Tracy today! See for yourself how professional and caring they really are.

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